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The Issue Council is a subsection of the Roberts Space Industries website intended for backers to submit issues related to the game or website. There are two separate instances of the Issue Council, one exists on the main website (for the LIVE branch of the game) and one on the PTU website (for PTU branches of the game).[1]


The website is divided in several modules, each having their specific branch of focus.

  • Star Citizen Alpha X: for issues related to in-game experiences
  • RSI launcher: for issues related to the launcher
  • Web customizer: for issues related to anything on the website(s), such as Spectrum, Pledge Store etc.[1]

Submission procedure

When a player attempts to submit a bug, they are prompted to first search the database for a similar issue. This is done to reduce duplicate reports. After that, the issue can be created. The player is required to submit:

  • A title
  • Category (such as audio, or UI)
  • Platform
  • Version (of the game build)
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Actual result (what the steps resulted in happening)
  • Expected result (what is supposed to happen)
  • Workaround (how you can temporarily avoid the issue)
  • Technical repro (how often it occurs, in levels of 1-5)
  • Asset type (if related to an asset)
  • Evidence (such as images or video)

The player is also required to submit system specs, which can be done by uploading a "DXdiag" text file.[1]

Post-submission procedure

After submitting, the issue moves into a "triage" status, and other users can view the report and submit their own reaction to it. Players can either report:

  • I can reproduce: stating that they have the same issue. They can then also submit evidence, their system spec, and a comment.
  • I cannot reproduce: stating that they cannot reproduce the issue, along with evidence, system spec, or comments.
  • Invalid report: stating that the report is invalid, because of it being either a duplicate or incomplete report, or the "issue" being a feature.[1]

If the issue has received 10 reproductions, the issue moves into a "confirmed" status. Other users can then upvote the issue in order to give it more visibility on the Issue Council. After a Cloud Imperium developer has seen the issue, the status moves to "acknowledged".[1]

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