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City on Cestulus in the Davien system
TypeLanding zone
LocationOn Cestulus

Jata is a city on Cestulus in Davien system.

" Jata is Cestulus' most emblematic city, though not technically the world's capital. Located underneath an ever-expanding warren of air production facilities, the city is most famously home to Aegis Dynamics' corporate headquarters and initial production facilities. The base primarily produces components rather than a particular ship design. More exotic resources are imported and the need is consistent. Beyond Aegis' footprint in the city, the unique "open air" underground cityscape has become symbolic of the Davien system as a whole.[1]"

"Dubbed the "Gateway to the Eastern Empire", the constant stream of haulers that visit Jata have resulted in one of the most vibrant nightlifes to be found in the UEE at the (no longer literal) Cracked Dome District.[2]"


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