First Contact

The event in which humans first encountered aliens

First Contact is the event when the Human race first encountered an alien civilization.


On June 12th, 2438, explorer Vernon Tar was surveying the Davien System. He encountered a fugitive Banu ship.[1] At first, he believe it was another surveyor traversing the system. Upon realizing his mistake, he sent his coordinates to the United Nations of Earth (UNE). In response, a diplomatic team lead by General Neal Socolovich arrived to lead the situation. The Banu Protectorate made formal contact two weeks later. The Interstellar Peace and Trade Accord was signed between the two races in October 2438.[2]


First Contact Day is a holiday in the United Empire of Earth (UEE) held annually on June 6th, to commemorate the Human race first contact with an alien civilization.

List of First Contacts Between Major Species

Participants Date (SEY) Place Events, Result
Humans and Banu June 12th, 2438 Davien Interstellar Peace and Trade Accord
Humans and Vanduul August 9th, 2681 Armitage, Orion Sys Massacre of Dell, begin of Vanduul skirmishes into UEE territory
Humans and Xi'an 2530 Se'kith (ex-Pallas III),'ūng Sys Pallas incident: A terraforming attempt by Gaia Planet Services on the Xi'an claimed world Se'kith led to early upsets in relations between UEE and the Xi'an Empire, which escalated 13 years later under the Messers into a cold war.
Humans and Kr’Thak have not made contact, existence of the Kr'Thak is only known to the humans through Xi'an sources
Banu and Vanduul unknown unknown unknown
Banu and Xi'an unknown unknown unknown
Banu and Kr’Thak - - have not made contact
Vanduul and Xi'an - - have not made contact
Vanduul and Kr’Thak - - unknown
Xi'an and Kr’Thak before 351, after -19747 early relations unknown, escalation into the Spirit Wars and the destruction of RyiXy'an and the forming of the Xi'an Empire

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