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Jumping limes

Natural commodity
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Jumping Limes Closeup.jpg
Jumping Limes
Occupancy350 mSCU
Base price5 aUEC
BuffDehydrating (10 mins)
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Jumping limes are a fruit which grow on cacti found in the deserts of Yar in the Centauri System. A local variant that developed naturally after terraformation was complete, this spiny fruit starts off purple and turns green when it is ripe. Jumping Limes acquired their name because of the ease in which they fall off the cactus and attach themselves to clothing and skin, as if they "jumped" there. The leathery, barbed skin must be peeled back to reveal the juicy flesh of the interior. The taste is sweet, extremely tart, and astringent. Locals warn that if you become lost in the desert you should be careful using jumping limes for hydration as they can make you feel even more thirsty.[1]


Jumping Limes Closeup.jpg
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