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Fauna, the creatures and animals found in the Star Citizen Universe.

See Also: Flora

Chestnut Beetle Uriel SC
Flatcat Domesticated (ex Kampos) SC
Flo-Pet Sewers (ex Xis) SC
New-Gnu (extinct) Armitage SC
Rihlah Jumpbeast Xi SC
Valakkar Leir III SC
Xiphopod Leir I
Sniblet Aremis SC
Nalagerd Unknown SC
Oshi Noble SC
Thorshu Grey Quasi SC
Vindel Locke SC
Ribbon Fish Aremis SC
Menarik Eealus SC
Midas Fish Cassel SC
"10 Foot Crab Monster" Xis SC
Kampos (creature) Kampos SC
Lang Crab Goss SC
Z-Whale Goss SC
Izlaak Unknown SC


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