KC Trending

Human company in the clothing retailer industry
KC Trending
IndustryClothing retailer
HeadquartersGrimHEX, Stanton
Area servedGrimHEX
Key peopleREEDY (employee of the month)

Down the small hallway off to the right of GrimHEX's elevators, past the dumpsters, is a clothing stall called KC Trending, a name that's stuck with the store from back when the station was still a legitimate Housing Exchange. A mismatched collection of offensive band shirts, leather coats, and stolen Casaba cast-offs — there are some good finds waiting to be discovered if you're willing to dig around. Be sure to check clothes for tears and blood stains before making any purchases, and be careful not to trip over Reedy who can often be found sleeping in a small nook in the back. The KC Trending Employee of the Month photo on the wall indicates that he's been working there a while, but it isn't quite clear if he is running the place or just living there.[1]

"KC Trending is a new location on GrimHEX station that offers a whole new selection of clothing for the discreet independent pilot. From shoes to hats, they've got the latest in underground fashion."
Star Citizen Alpha 2.5.0 Patchnotes[2]



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