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Casaba Outlet

Human company specializes in clothing retailer
Casaba Outlet
IndustryClothing retailer
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
FounderJean and Joel Polanco
Founded2843 CE; 107 years ago (2843) in Lyre, Cassel, Goss
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Casaba Outlet is a clothing shop franchise that was founded by Jean Polanco and Joel Polanco.


From Corel to Chronos and almost everywhere in between, Casaba Outlet has become ubiquitous across the UEE. The concept behind the store is far from new. It sells designer-style fashion at affordable prices, yet Casaba succeeded where many had failed thanks mainly to the business savvy and entrepreneurial drive embodied by the company's founding partners, siblings Jean and Joel Polanco.[1]


Casaba Outlet was added in patch 2.0 on Area18 (social module) that could be accessed from the game's main menu. It was then the only place where players could spend their aUEC with many different pieces of clothing. In patch 3.0 Area18's menu option was removed and Casaba (in a different form) moved to Port Olisar instead. Patch 3.5 introduced Area18 back into the Persistent Universe, which brought Casaba Outlet back to its original location.

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