Kel-To Rx

Human company in the healthcare Services industry
Kel-To RX at Port Tressler.jpg
Kel-To Rx
IndustryHealthcare Services
Founded2800 CE; 154 years ago (2800)
ParentKel-To Constores

Kel-To Rx is a subsidiary company of Kel-To Constores specialized in affordable healthcare services.

In the 2800s, they began to manufacture their own line of generic medical supplies to sell at their stores. It became so lucrative for them that they would go on to open individual shops with a medical focus - small, rapid-service clinics called Kel-To Rx.[1]

In-game description

Better Health is Within Reach
At Space Clinics, it's all hands on deck when it comes to protecting your health.


  • Although it may sound shocking and dystopic for players from countries with public, universal healthcare systems, retailer store brands opening their own private clinics is not an uncommon occurrence.


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