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Damaged Gladius for an insurance claim

Insurance policies are taken out by pilots for their ships, cargo, and modifications. Basic hull insurance will insure a pilot against the loss of the hull and the stock weapons that it came attached with. A regular fee must be paid to maintain this policy and operates as a reasonable running cost.

Additional insurance policies may be taken out based on risk. The riskier the star systems that you are taking your ship or cargo through, the higher the premiums will be.

Making a Claim

Ship Retrieval Console, for claims, tracking, and retrieval

At the Ship Retrieval Consoles, near hangars and pads, all owned ships are listed with their status. From there, Citizens have three options:

If the ship is currently Stored, the ship may be retrieved to the nearest available pad/hangar and flown.
If the ship is not currently stored or destroyed, it may be tracked on the users Mobiglas.
Claiming a Destroyed or Stored ship demolishes the current ship (if it exists) and starts the claim timer.
Claim Insurance time for Ship Insurance

When a Claim is submitted for a ship, the terminal will display the estimated Delivery time for a new ship, with all stock equipment.

At the users' choice, they may pay an Expedite fee to drastically reduce the claim time until a new ship is provided.

Lifetime Insurance

Lifetime Insurance (LTI) is present for any ships:

  • purchased before November 26, 2013 by original and veteran backers,[1]
  • purchased during their concept sales before April 2018,
  • purchased with new money ("warbond") during their concept sales,
  • purchased during the Anniversary Sale in 2013,[2]
  • that cost $1000 or more,
  • that are in a package that costs $1000 or more,
  • that are in some other specific packages (such as those available to Concierge backers).

LTI policies never expire and require no running fee, but only cover the base hull and stock weapons. LTI does not exist for modifications or cargo.[3] Insurance claims may be denied in cases of proven fraud.[1]

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