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Mobiglas rgb projector.png
ManufacturermicroTech (MITE)
Type AR Smart Device
Usage Worn on the Wrist

The mobiGlas is a forearm mounted electronic device capable of projecting a holographic interface and render an augmented reality interface through any AR display, such as contact lenses, glasses, visors or screens. It is developed by microTech. The mobiGlas is used in a wide range of fields, both civilian and military.[1]

It unifies your messaging, Spectrum updates, banking transactions, personal communications, etc. It's the futuristic equivalent of the SmartPhone. Everyone's got one of these things; you will be lost without it, in fact, the UEE almost requires you by law to have one. You won't go to jail for not having one, but the UEE quickly realized that these tools could be incredibly helpful for census taking and general sociological/anthropological studies.[2]

mobyGlass Personal Computers appear to be rip-off versions of this product and are Prohibited Goods in Crusader Industries Jurisdiction.


mobiGlas Casing variants

microTech has different types of casings available to customize your mobiGlas into many different colors. They are currently available for sale at The Factory Line in New Babbage for 4000 aUEC each. Variants available: original, crimson, apricot, lemon, emerald, aqua, sapphire, violet, blush, snow, steel, charcoal, maroon, amber, sand, woodland, ocean, azure, plum, cedar.

List of mobiGlas apps in Alpha 3.18.1

App name Description
Home Shows your name, current balance, crime-stat, vitals, external atmosphere. Home is bound to f1 by default.
Commlink Shows channels, friends, and pending invites to the party system. You can customize your visor chat per channel under manage. Create a party, invite other players or send friend requests here.
Vehicle Loadout Manager You can customize your vehicle loadout if you have the vehicle stored at the local location. You cannot edit rented vehicles or vehicles stored elsewhere. The components you want to edit in must be in the local inventory.
NikNax You can locate any assets you have stored across the 'verse. Selecting an asset will provide details of it.
Skyline Selecting an entity will provide details of it. Double right clicking an entity will zoom into it and allow you to select entities of that location easier. Double left click will max out the zoom. You can select a route to quantum to if you are seated on a ship.
mo.Trader With a small service fee, you can send aUEC to any player. Party members will be pinned to the top of the selection list.
Contracts Manager View, accept, and create contracts. General contracts are publicly listed while personal contracts may lead to tasks that may violate the laws within the jurisdiction.
Vehicle Maintenance Services Repair, restock, and refuel your vehicles.
Journal Entries can be added after doing certain tasks. You can check your criminal record here to check what crimes your player has committed.
Delphi Successfully completing a contract will give you reputation towards that organization or contact. Failing a contract will decrease reputation. Reputation may also decrease over time.



HOME is your hub; it's from this customizable menu that you'll access the rest of the mobiGlas content. Being an operating system holding various apps, the home page will have a dynamic app layout to facilitate your experience.

Mainly, HOME is a portal to the other applications that it displays with branded icons. The app selection is contextual to the current situation, featuring content that makes the most sense to you at that moment. Favorite applications and recently used applications are also found on this screen. HOME analyzes what apps you'll likely need to see and offers quick links to them.

HOME is built with widgets that can be modified and rearranged to fit your play style. You choose which information shows up where and in how much depth this information goes. For example, I keep my alertCenter widget handy in HOME to have a glimpse at any notifications that came in recently. The news and economic data widgets are also very useful to see what kind of contract could be available in the neighboring systems.

The more you use your mobiGlas and customize HOME to fit your needs, the more accurate and efficient you'll be.[1]

As of Alpha 2.0.0, mG.home has been available by pressing F9, where the player can see their aUEC balance as well as access mG.scheduler, mG.contacts and mG.journal.

The layout and functionality of mG.home is currently going through a second pass, which looks reminiscent of a Windows 8/10 interface.


This app is exactly what it sounds like. Anytime any of your apps receive new data, for example when you receive a contract update or a hangar invitation, you will receive a notification, which appears in the alert queue of alertCenter. Notifications also appear in a dedicated section of your AR display. That way, you're always notified when something important happens, no matter your situation.

alertCenter offers a slew of options to customize which event should appear as a notification and when. Most of you are going to have busy, busy days in the Star Citizen universe! Use alertCenter and never miss anything.[1]


EasyShop is the mobiGlas application that allows you to buy and sell things, from ships to handkerchiefs. It is what links you to a store's inventory and facilitates your shopping experience.

The shops in the persistent universe feature actual physical products that can be looked at and bought just as in a real world shop. To buy an item, you use the AR display with the shopping filter ON. The mobiGlas syncs with the broadcasted information of the shop to show data on shelved products.

While most shops takes advantage of the AR display, some stores choose to show their products via a catalog. easyShop is also a platform to access these catalogs. Catalogs are dynamic and feature beautiful holographic projections of products. They can be re-arranged, searched, sorted and filtered at your discretion.[1]


Simply put, cargoManager lets you search and manage your entire inventory. It consolidates every possible cargo you might have: hangar warehouse, ship cargo, pants pockets, etc., and categorises them into a database.

It allows you to access your entire inventory from ship to weapons, from hangar to resources. It is like an encyclopedia of your possessions. Therefore, it provides the tools needed to track, compare and manage your possessions, guiding you towards informed decisions.[1]

From Alpha 3.0.0 the player may have access to mG.cargoManager.


The contacts directory is the complete repository of the contactable entities you have met, collected from the persistent universe or added manually. Primarily, it allows you to find, add, remove, ignore and block other Characters. Other functionalities, such as grouping, search options and filters, allow you to find, organize and manage your contacts. Contact entries include players, NPCs, planets, corporations, orgs and so on.[1]

As of Alpha 2.0.0, mG.contacts is used to add or remove friends, send private messages and manage parties. The default shortcut key is F11.


"At home or out in space, never forget a deadline."

mG.scheduler is a planning application. Missions, contracts and special events are automatically or manually entered and tracked by scheduler. It allows you to quickly get information about important events such as starting/end date, who issued a contract, what's the goal, a backlog of conversations and so on.

Mundane events such as appointments and shipping estimates can be automatically entered as well. You can enter your own notes and events or sync with the scheduler of a particular individual or org. Adding custom events, reminders and appointments to the scheduler is a breeze. Enter the name of your event, a starting and end date, along with an optional location and contact label, and move on to your next task.

The scheduler is the go-to app to plan ahead and stay at the top of your game. Important events, urgent missions and critical deadlines are clearly identified. Filtering options allow you to see what is relevant to you at this moment. The scheduler automatically warns you of upcoming events and milestones, with reminders of varying degrees of urgency. Never miss a contract deadline or your mother's birthday ever again.[1]

As of Alpha 2.0.0, mG.scheduler is used to assess, accept and track Missions, providing an Augmented Reality mission marker when appropriate.


Your Hangar customization and upgrades are done through the mobiGlas by interacting with AR objects through the hangarService, an app designed to access hangar-specific functions. hangarService is provided by your hangar manufacturer to expand your hangar, customize your living quarters, purchase specialty rooms, design your interiors, change your hangar access rights, modify your ships' placement, and more.[1]


shipWorks is akin to the holo-table, but with added functionality that allows you to interact with your ships in augmented reality. It is an engineering app. shipWorks allows you to easily search ship components in your inventory or equipped on a ship. With the smart sort and filter features, compare similar assets to make a strategic choice and customize your ship with the perfect load-outs.

Get direct access to repair, refuel and re-arm options, tag parts of ships to be serviced, and review power management configurations and cargo space before taking off to the dangers of space travel. Get a full statistical report on your ship. Analyze the damage state of your ship's individual parts and hull.[1]

mG.shipWorks is likely similar in functionality to the Arena Commander Ship Customization screen introduced in Alpha 2.6.0.


Skyline is the mobiGlas version of the galactic map directory and navigation planner found in ships. It features a full-blown star map to find your way around the known galaxy and its myriad of systems.

Skyline's strength comes from its ability to be synced with other apps for dynamic information, such as market data, pirate sightings, tourist must-sees and much more. It's a NavMap++. It's a complete atlas, "GPS" and repository of your planetary and galactic data.[1]

CCB Finance

CCB Finance app is everything about finance, economy and money. You can review your transactions (old and pending), review the market data and see your current balance. You have access to the data needed to analyze the economy. Link CCB Finance to the AR display to get market data on what you are looking at.[1]


As of Alpha 2.0.0, mG.journal is the place to access stored journal entries, such as those found on datapads or otherwise obtained during missions.


Helps you to create contracts with the aid of templates.[1]


Your collection of passports, licences and other official "papers".[1]


Grants you access to the Spectrum and the Galactapedia.[1]


Simplifies trading with other players.[1]


Components breakdown of MobiGlas

Here is a breakdown of the mobiGlas main components:[1]

Component Usage
Wrist mounted case Physical part of the device, solidly attached to the wrist. Fits most space suits and civilian clothing, or can be attached directly to the arm.
Universal mobiGlas Connector (UMC) The male part of the UMC.
Holographic Projector Made from a super resistant glas lens, the projector sits in a protected crease on top of the wrist case.
Holographic Screen Counts as a component even though it's not physical. The layered screen is entirely holographic. 3D holographic objects can be projected, as well as flat (screen) holograms.
Back Panel While you see the main interface on one side of the holographic screen, the other side is displaying something else, an opaque image for example.
Biometric Battery This component feeds your device with power and monitors your vitals for security reasons.
Primary Scanner port The mobiGlas comes with the default MT.Scanner, used to get info about your surroundings. It is a short range multifunction scanner. Can be upgraded.
Specialized Scanner Port An opened slot ready for custom specialised scanners.
Data Drive This is where data is stored. The data drive is synced on the user's genetic signature and shuts down or is destroyed if it loses contact with the user.
Intra-System Comm. Card For intra-system communication. The comm. Card can be changed for specific needs.
Power Chip The P79xx is the most powerful chip yet used in a personal device. Its technology is based on microTech's high-end experience on ships' electronic components.
Chip slots Open slots to insert augment chips. There is a large collection of chips, mostly by microTech but also by other developers.
Wireless Emitter This is to be connected and synced to any ship, power suit, environmental suits or power armor equipped with an AR display visor or other compatible devices.
Optional Armor Cover Add-on To protect the mobiGlas from hazards.
Mobiglas v1.0.0


The first mobiGlas device was far bulkier than the current generation, which now takes the shape of a thick bracelet.

"When Magnus Tobin released the first generation mobiGlas in 2818, it changed the way the empire thought about wearable devices. From its unique holographic display and unmatched security, to its intuitive software, the mobiGlas was the foundation for a whole new era of seamlessly integrated lifestyle computing that microTech continues to innovate and revolutionize."
Display at The Factory Line


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