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UEE Plot Claim Certificate

A claim license entitles the holder to claim ownership of a small section of land on a planet, moon, or asteroid controlled by the UEE.[1]

Land is claimed inside UEE territory employing a claim beacon. To complete the claim, a detachable infomodule from the claim beacon must be brought to a UEE Planetary Development office. A single person or organization can own several land claims, adjacent or otherwise.

Land rights

The owner of a land claim will enjoy full rights and exclusivity over said land claim within UEE laws, including mining, homesteading, farming, harvesting, renting, granting access, etc.[2]

Trespassers, encroachers and squatters will gain crimestat levels and will be persecuted by UEE and local law enforcement agencies.

Land claims can also be sold or transferred to third parties, including selling back the claim to the UEE.


There are currently two area sizes that can be claimed with a claim beacon:

  • Plot: an area of 16 km² (4 x 4 km, 1600 hectares), claimed with a Geotack
  • Estate: an area of 64 km² (8 x 8 km, 6400 hectares, 4 plots), claimed with Geotack-X

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