Terrestrial Rocky in the Idris system
Battle of Idris IV.jpg
Locke : Idris IV
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Idris system
└─ Orbiting Idris (star)
Landing Zones1

Locke or Idris IV is the system's only habitable planet.

Besides being a business-friendly location, word has spread among outdoor enthusiasts about the picturesque Corsti Mountains in the north.

The planet is also known for growing a distinct version of the ugni blanc grape varietal. The planet's soil composition accentuates the grape's acidity, making it ideal for cognac and brandy production. The Starlight Idris Cuvée has been voted the universe's best cognac on multiple occasions.


While the archives will generally spit out the Battle of Idris IV as the defining event of the planet's history, an equally enduring struggle took place years before that decisive battle.

When the Tevarin invaded the system in 2542, Idris IV suffered a series of orbital bombardments. Though most of the population fled before the Tevarin finally took the planet, a few hundred stayed. One in particular, Rachel Locke, a local with no military training, organized these survivors for increasingly daring strikes to disrupt the Tevarin occupiers. This group, which became known as the Greys, proved to be instrumental in the success of Operation Nemesis by providing groundside intelligence for the attack.

When the war ended and Idris IV became officially recognized, the Governors Council decided to name the planet after that famous freedom fighter.[1]

Rachel Locke fled into the mountains of Idris IV following the invasions of the First Tevarin War. Though she had no official military training, she led the resistance movement known as the Greys that terrorized the Tevarin invaders. Following the war, the Governor's Council honored her leadership and heroism by naming the planet after her.

"Humanity made this world what it is. If we walk away instead of fighting for it, then the Tevarin have already won. They'll push further into Human space until all our planets and even Earth are subjugated. That's why we must make a stand here and now. Because if this front-line falls, who knows how far they'll go."
Rachel Locke, pirate comm broadcast, 2543

Landing Zones


A thriving tourism industry based in and around the city of Tanys is geared to those interested in taking in the sights either on foot or by vehicle.


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