City on Locke in the Idris system
LocationIdris system    On Locke
TypeLanding zone
FoundedBefore 1147 CE; 1807 years ago (1147)

Tanys is a city located in the Corsti mountains in the north on Locke in Idris System. It started out as a resort town for climbing enthusiasts. When the Tevarin began attacking the planet, it became a destination for refugees fleeing from the larger population centers, and ultimately the base of operations for the Greys.


The only landing zone in Tanys is the aptly named Grey Zone, the approach will take you through the Cahailia subrange of the Corstis and past Alucard peak. Walter Theodore manages the landing zone during the day and is more than happy to fill you in on the local history.

Travelers moving through the system will find some of the familiar franchise stores to fix up and fuel your ship (Fuel Pump) or find upgrades (Hardpoint Guys), but the Governors Council has limited the expansion of Tanys to prevent it from losing its particular identity as a sleepy mountain town before the First Tevarin War.

Should you need any kind of medical assistance, Saint Yor has consistently received commendations for Patient Satisfaction from a number of independent surveys.

History buffs should be sure to visit the Lost Quad. A central plaza of the town, this was the site of an open-air market until the invasion. It was here that the Greys were almost extinguished. A raid on what would become the Tevarin planetary defense system went drastically wrong. Rachel Locke's second-in-command, Alanna Shaw, and a large number of Greys were captured, executed and displayed in the plaza to try and demoralize the remaining Greys from further operations. It did not have the desired effect.[1]

Travel Warning

It may not be apparent, but security is tight around the Tevarin War Memorial. Though dedicated to those who bravely fought in both wars, its association with Ivar Messer has attracted criticism, vandalism and threats to destroy it.


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