Marcus Carino

Character in Star Citizen
Marcus Carino
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2948 (before)
Role Militia Leader

Marcus Carino is a leader of a local militia group called Defenders of the Free on Fora.[1] He was accused of running a illegal 'Customs' checkpoint, the killing of 2 civilians[2] and the near-fatal shooting of Giorgi Hwang in 2948. His group was patrolling the area around the jump point and opened fire on the ship of Giorgio Hwang. After the arrival of regular law enforcement, stolen military weaponry and smuggling goods were found on Hwang's ship.

Carino defended himself with a public statement: The Common Law Initiative enacted in 2526 guarantees 'fundamental personal freedoms', which includes the right to defend yourself. That's all we're doing here, because the government sure isn't. Look at the system's crime data. Look at the current threat level. Fora's getting worse each and every year, and I'm not waiting any longer for the UEE to do something about it.

He claimed that the Customs Bureau were unable to detect illegal smuggling, and claimed that UEE forces doing nothing against the rising criminality.

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  1. Empire Report: Sataball Scandal. Spectrum Dispatch - Comm-Link
  2. Empire Report contradicts itself by stating "[Carinos actions] led to the near-fatal shooting of four civilians", claiming later that 2 civilians were killed and Hwang heavily injured.
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