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Fora system

UEE single star system
Fora system
System TypeSingle Star
Size14 AU
Star TypeMain Sequence Dwarf-K
Asteroid Belts1
Discovered in2287 - 2317[a]
Jump Points3

The Fora system is a known pirate system in United Empire of Earth (UEE) space – the only of its kind. Home to Hyperion, a dusty outpost planet, Fora has evolved into a safe zone in an area of space littered with Outsiders and Banu. Pirates, smugglers and worse frequently call the place their home and are largely ignored by the local police garrison.

Other than Hyperion, the system is completely dead, although the other worlds make good hiding places for larger spacecraft. Fora does have one additional point of interest: it is probably the safest area to cross into Banu space undetected. As a result, you are likely to encounter plenty of smugglers in the system's environs… as well as the occasional UEE special operations team.[1]

Located near Banu territory, surveyors were hopeful that Fora system could become another major trade hub. Unfortunately, its only habitable planet, Hyperion (Fora III), fell victim to a terraforming mishap that created a perpetual, planet-wide dust storm. Informal censuses of the area indicate that visitors are more likely to encounter a smuggler, outlaw or Banu-settler than a UEE Citizen while in this five-planet system.

Gravitational governors


Fora is a Main Sequence Dwarf-K star.


Fora I

An uninhabited dwarf planet.

Fora II

A coreless world that has few remaining resources after being thoroughly mined for the past several decades.

Hyperion : Fora III

Swirling storms of red-hued HyperClay cover the surface of this world as a result of a problematic terraforming process, making life difficult for Hyperion's few residents.

Fora IV

This gas giant is composed predominantly of hydrogen and helium.

Fora V

An ice giant with a water and ammonia atmosphere.

Asteroid belts

The Fora system contains one asteroid belt. Belt Alpha is located between Hyperion and Fora IV.

Known Jump Points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Fora - Banshee Large Banshee system
Fora - Nemo Large Nemo system
Fora - Rhetor Medium Rhetor system


  1. After the discovery of Rhetor, before the discovery of Banshee.


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