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The mercenary career is most suitable for players that are interested in on-foot FPS combat. The mercenary offers up their combat skills and services to various organizations and individuals for hire. Compared to bounty hunting where there is usually a single target, mercenary missions usually requires the player to defend or clear an entire area of AI combatants. Mercenary missions can be legal or illegal in nature, depending on the mission giver.

Contract Missions

Get hired to take out the illegal skimmers as a mercenary

Mercenary missions can be taken from the missions tab in the MobiGlas and can be found in both general missions and personal missions. Common mercenary missions can include retaking a bunker, defending a bunker that is under attack, and even taking out illegal monitors. There are some unique missions such as boarding and retaking a 890 Jump or clearing a building in Orison.

A Call To Arms

The "A Call To Arms" mission is a unique mission type that requires the player to take down any players or NPCs that have a CrimeStat. These targets can be identified by a red ship marker. The reward for each target is dependant on their CrimeStat level. This mission does not expire or complete after a single target has been executed.

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