Min 1b

Moon in the Min system
Min 1b
LocationUnclaimed space
Min system
└─ Orbits Min I

Min 1b is the largest moon orbiting the rogue gas giant. It has a thin atmosphere and is surprisingly warm because of the thermal heating produced by its eccentric orbit around Min I. The moon even has bioluminescent bacteria living near hydrothermal vents at the bottom of its vast oceans. Over the years a small encampment of settlers has set up residence here.[1]

Despite not being ideal for human habitation, a couple of settlements have been built. These are at risk due to an ongoing debate as to whether Min 1b should be placed under the Fair Chance Act. Cynics say the reason it hasn't happened is that there aren't any valuable resources here, since the entire system was strip mined a long time ago. Scientists on Min 1b nevertheless are engaged in researching the native bioluminescent bacteria.[2]


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