Min I

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Min I
ClassificationRogue Planet
LocationCenter of Min System
Natural Satellites4

Min I is a gas giant dominated by ammonia clouds. Unattached to any known star it is drifting through space and pulling four orbiting moons along with it.[1]

Min I is of Jupiter-mass and generates its own heat via the Kelvin Helmholtz Mechanism. What this means is that as the surface of the planet cools, the pressure on the planet drops and the surface shrinks, which in turn heats the core of the planet (600K range).[2]

Natural Satellites

Min 1a

An uninhabited, rocky moon that was strip-mined long ago.

Min 1b

Min 1b is the largest moon orbiting the rogue gas giant. It has a thin atmosphere and is surprisingly warm because of the thermal heating produced by its eccentric orbit around Min I.

Min 1c

The smallest moon in orbit around Min I.

Min 1d

A rocky moon whose landscape is dotted with impact craters.