City on Spider in the Cathcart system
LocationCathcart system    On Spider
TypeLanding zone

NKZ is an outlaw city on Spider in Cathcart System.

"Probably the most mysterious of the landing zones in Spider. Whereas areas controlled by Fist & Nail and Dace Clan proudly wear their affiliation out in the open, no one really knows who controls NKZ, but the rules are made abundantly clear to whoever enters: leave your grudges on the landing bay. I would urge any would-be visitors not to test the locals' resolve on this issue.

That's right. NKZ is a place to do business if you don't want to worry about getting shot through the back of your head. The peace is so well maintained that Joker Enterprises even operates an 'unofficial' showroom here.

Landing in the hangar ominously named LIMBO, you could tell they were serious. Manned turrets will track your ship as it slowly descends and sets down on the landing pad. The attendant on duty won't be particularly polite, but efficient as they transport your ship down to the temporary hangar.

Stepping into NKZ proper, you will be shocked at the variety of people inside. From Human to Xi'an, obviously wealthy to barely scraping by, it is a bizarre confluence of personalities. It won't be that surprising that the largest gathering is at the local lounge. While the Spinward Toxin Farm sounds like the last place you would want to have a drink, the talented bar staff are quite the chemists when it comes to relaxing libations.

Before coming to NKZ, I had been told that a black market exists here, but sadly, I was unable to find it. Not to say that it doesn't exist, though.

Again, it should be noted that traveling to Cathcart is, in itself, a dangerous proposition and travelers should take every precaution when attempting to visit Spider, but for those who still want to see a true marvel of Human innovation, no warning will deter. It's one thing to hear me describe it; you really should observe it for yourself."
Observist Dark: Spider, Cathcart [1]


  1. Observist Dark: Spider, Cathcart. Spectrum Dispatch - Comm-Link
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