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New York

City on Earth in the Sol system
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New York
TypeLanding zone
LocationOn Earth
Founded1898 CE; 1053 years ago (1898)

New York is the capital city of the UEE, with the UEE Senate building located on East 68th Street.[1] It is also the UEE's cultural capital, an intergalactic tastemaker and a celebrated blending of both old-style architecture and ultra-modern arcology construction.

Most visitors immediately take note of the historical landmarks protected by a thick layer of domed visicrete, allowing such institutions as the Empire State Building and Central Park to continue to exist amidst a modern landscape of massive supertowers.

In terms of commodities, selling bulk goods in New York is like trying to get blood from a stone. Nowhere is more protected by UEE law than this city, and anyone but the most desperate traders are advised not to bother. Even black market goods are extremely risky, as it is unquestionably the most well-policed area in known space. However, New Yorkers — even those who have never left the planet — still fancy themselves cosmopolitan men-of-the galaxy. As such, there is an active market for cultural trinkets from distant stars. Trendy New York galleries happily display everything from Hadesian ice shoes to damaged Xi'an engine coils … a vivid example of one man's trash being another's treasure.

New York is also home to the famed Roberts Space Industries headquarters complex, featuring a showroom and museum. Many visitors make it a point to pay their respects upon arriving in the port, celebrating RSI's involvement in introducing mankind to the stars.

Possibly New York's greatest importance is that it truly is the junction point of the universe in terms of trading. While Earth produces few valuable raw materials in this day and age, almost everything moves through its most significant port on its way somewhere in the UEE. If you're on the prowl for a particularly rare upgrade or an extremely special commodity, the shopping district surrounding New York's spaceport is the place to seek it.[2]

Magellan's is one of New York's finest institutions, located at the heart of the government center. Executives, politicians, advocates and celebrities have been gathering here for decades.[3]



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