Not So Secret Stash

Investigation mission from SENDER NOT FOUND
Not So Secret Stash
Priority General
Type Investigation
UEC Pay 12000 + Bonuses
Start Location Stanton AO

The mission Not So Secret Stash has the player visit a crash site and locate a hidden stash to bring back for payment.


Spoiler content

"Thank the stars that dumb outlaws will always talk too much when they're hopped up on rot. This one git I was drinking with blabbed about a score they had secreted away in a hidden spot.

Figured we could teach them a lesson about the importance of holding your liquor.

I want you to:

  • go to a crash site
  • find their stash
  • bring it back to (Location).

There's a chance this bumbling idiot and their friends might be hold up there too, so be careful. If you do run into trouble, I'll give you a bit extra on top to make it up to you."

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