Player characters

Character in Star Citizen
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Race Human
Gender Male or Female
Born 2946 (before)
Role Playable Character
Faction UEE (Squadron 42)
Citizenship Status Dynamic
Actor Ian Duncan (Male)
Unknown (Female)
Current Employment
Occupation Gunner, Fighter Pilot (Squadron 42)
Various (Persistent Universe)
Workplace UEES Stanton (Squadron 42)
Various (Persistent Universe)
Military Service
Rank Dynamic
Branch UEE Navy
Years of Service 2946 (before) - Present
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Player characters are the "avatars" of the players of Star Citizen. These characters follow our commands and allow us to act through them, ultimately affecting both the universe and the players around us.

Many mechanics exist to allow these characters to properly function; including character creation, reputation with Non-Player Characters (NPCs), and death. These mechanics are subject to change.

Character Creation

Each character begins with character creation; the player designs their character "in-fiction" and designates a beneficiary in case of death, such as a son, uncle, or someone entirely new. The character then goes through UEE Navy training and begins the Squadron 42 campaign. At any point, the player may choose to "opt-out" of the training and UEE registration to jump their character right into Star Citizen.[1]


Reputation is the attitude and history that other NPCs and companies have towards the character. Based on past interactions, jobs, and contracts, NPCs may behave more or less favourably towards the character than to a stranger. A positive reputation may earn higher pay, secure more valuable contracts, or gain additional support.

The current reputation system in the Star Citizen Alpha is Crime rating, which determines how lawful or unlawful a player is. Certain actions, like destroying neutral ships or disabling comm arrays, will increase your crime rating. [citation needed]


Citizenship is a status within the UEE held by exemplary members of society, elevated from civilian status. They enjoy greater benefits within the UEE, such as reduced taxes and the ability to work for the government. Player characters can also gain and lose citizenship just like any person in the UEE, gaining or losing their benefits accordingly.[2]

Injury and Death


When a character ventures out into space, they put themselves at risk of injury and death; with greater risk in certain areas and with certain occupations. Each character can brave death several times before eventually succumbing to their injuries. When a character is "killed", they are revived at the nearest medical hub with new injuries and implants, leading to a scarred, rugged character. Eventually, a character that has died too many times will be truly killed, and the beneficiary named in character creation will inherit that characters' life.[1]

Overall, it is expected that a character will survive six or more "deaths" before eventually perishing, though the method of death also has an impact on its severity.

Passing on

The beneficiary of a dead character inherits all of their materials belongings: equipment, inventory, cargo, ships, etc. Additionally, they will inherit slightly diminished reputation and faction alliances that were earned in the previous characters' life. This allows a character to utilize past reputations and alliances, or to move forward and start a new life without all of the repercussions of having once been a pirate.[1]


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