OB Station Gryphon

Space station in the Kallis system
Kallis OB Station Gryphon.png
OB Station Gryphon
Type Space station
System Kallis
Orbits Kallis
Habitable Yes
Affiliation UEE
UEE Army
Owner UEE

OB Station Gryphon or just Science Station (in the Starmap) is a space station and

"[a]n observation post for scientists studying the developing system. "
Starmap [1]

Located near the Kallis - Oso jump point, OB Station Gryphon was sealed late in 2922 and has served as the main operational hub for the entire system ever since. In order to preserve the living experiment that is Kallis and its protoplanets, construction throughout the rest of the system has been extremely limited. While there are small observation posts and scan satellites positioned throughout the system, if you are looking to refuel or restock, Gryphon is your only choice. All deliveries to the system are also routed through the station to ensure that the strict Fair Chance Act protocols are followed.

Despite the system's focus on serious scholastic pursuits, it has begun to gain a bit of notoriety for the unique community that has developed over the years. Between the Army personnel stationed here to guard the system and the young grad students conducting research, the median age of the system's small population is well under thirty. It is no wonder that the habitation decks can get a bit raucous as researchers (looking to blow off steam after days spent alone in remote obervational outposts) and soldiers (with extra energy after long shifts spent patrolling for trespassers) meet for drinks and heated debates. Toss into the mix a growing number of philosophers and spiritualists who have come seeking deeper truths about the universe's origins, and you can see why OB Station Gryphon is a destination that's not quite like anywhere else in the Empire.[2]


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