Kallis V

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Kallis V
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationOrbits Kallis (star)
Natural SatellitesKallis V Accretion Disk

Kallis V is a terrestrial rocky planet. In his earlier history, the planet was hit by a meteor strike and is surrounded by a accretion disk which may form a moon in the future.

"A rocky terrestrial planet without an atmosphere. It is believed that a massive meteor strike created the accretion disk swirling around this world. The coalescing debris has some scientists hypothesizing that the disk may form into a moon. "

–Starmap [1]

The terrestrial worlds Kallis IV, V and VI hold special interest for researchers as they have the greatest chance for the potential to one day support life. While Kallis V may not currently have any potential for developing an atmosphere, the swirl of debris orbiting its rocky surface indicates that it may soon have a series of moons to call its own.[2]


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