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7th Nul Irregulars
FocusAll game loops except griefing
TimezoneUSA (primary), Europe & Australia (secondary)
HeadquartersAshana, Area18, and Checkmate_Station
FoundedLore: 2591, IRL: 2019
Discord Server

From: UEE Advocacy Section Cheif Clint Schultz, Nul System

To: UEE Deputy Assistant Director

Subject: Decrypted partial communique from the Nul Defense Group

CMO FRAGO 01/2591

References: Unit Formations

Situation: Since the wreck of the Olympus, the Nul militia has ensured the UEE does not pay special attention to activities inside the system. This is accomplished via clandestine operations, routine emissions audits, and an extensive disinformation campaign. This approach has proved very successful but with an unintended consequence: information, goods, and services availabilities have been severely impacted creating burdensome conditions.

Mission: Establishment of a new detachment to counter the current conditions


  1. The 7th detachment has been established.
  2. The new detachment will be an irregular force utilizing non-standard operations, avoiding large-scale combat, and focusing on small, stealthy, engagements.
  3. Tasking
    1. Acquire information and goods for the betterment of Nul
    2. Conduct trade activities that could aid Nul
    3. Infiltrate and exploit both sides of UEE Law identifying key personnel to assist in the betterment of Nul

Service Support: Priority landing, refueling, repair, cargo, and provisioning services are to be given to the 7th.

Command and Signal: No changes.

Ashana Command


We welcome new players regardless of their experience level. Anyone wishing to join may do so after a trial period where you play with us. Voice communication is required. Please join our Discord for further details on membership.


  • Irregular
  • Party Boys
  • War Boys
  • 3B


The primary objective of the Organization is to provide members a casual place to play, and people play with, should they want.

We engage in all activities including those that result in crime stats. The choice to participate is up to each member. We do this so we can understand the entirety of the game, learn new ways to accomplish goals, and have fun exploring. This said we do not engage in griefing activities.

We routinely practice skills needed for major events such as Jumptown, Xenothreat, and The Siege of Orision. We do this to train our ability to work cooperatively and function as a cohesive unit. This also enables all our members to achieve a higher level of competence, awareness, and trust allowing for more advanced gameplay which yields more rewards and enjoyment.

Many of our members have military training and we make use of this training when operating. We happily accept members without any military experience and will train them to be outstanding operators.


All members have inalienable rights as fellow comrades and human beings.

Our founding principle: All members should not have to go out alone or be super involved. The Org provides members a casual place to play, and people to play with, should they want.

It is understood that:

  1. Star Citizen is a game. It is also in Alpha. All members have the right to take a break and pursue other interests.
  2. It is unreasonable to expect any person within the org to put the game and the Org above their real-life responsibilities.
  3. All members are entitled to come and go as they please. Real-life always takes priority.
  4. The Org is not exclusive of other organizations nor does it have to be your main Org.
  5. Admin and those in leadership positions are volunteers. By volunteering, they agree to provide service above and beyond the regular members’ expectations. This does not give them more, or less, rights over other members.
  6. Members have a right to their beliefs and opinions insofar as these do not impact their treatment of others.
  7. Members have a right to their privacy and to speak freely within the organization. Swearing is permitted but harassment is not.
  8. Under no circumstances are public recordings of any kind to be made without explicit notice and consent from all parties involved. It is understood that members may stream live to services like Twitch. Streamers should regularly announce this in voice chat and not save the recording publicly without approval (done in the #vid-approval channel in Discord).
  9. If there is a desire that personal information be kept private, this must be respected in all cases.
  10. Members will not cause drama. We have enough drama in real life and we don’t need any more.
  11. Violation of any principles on this page may result in removal from the org and Discord.

Member Responsibilities:

  • Have fun and be helpful to other Org members.
  • Maintain honesty and integrity with all members.
  • Keep private information (people, events, connections, etc) private at all times
  • Treat ALL members of the community with compassion and respect.
  • Always remain civil.
  • Do not engage in griefing of any player regardless of organizational affiliation.
  • When giving feedback, it must always be actionable and constructive
  • In an operation and training situation, members agree to follow instructions and limit comms traffic during the event.


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