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Star Citizen - ArcCorp.png
System Stanton
Planet ArcCorp (planet)
Affiliation UEE
Shops CenterMass
Abernathy Interiors
Dumper's Depot
Casaba Outlet
medicalUNIT Urgent Care
Astro Armada

Area18 is one of the main commercial ports for interplanetary traffic for the surrounding region of ArcCorp. Travelers can find a variety of good from trusted names as well as local providers, if they're not overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of this landing zone. Security is taken very seriously on the surface. ArcCorp has enlisted (notorious) private security firm BlacJac Security to maintain the peace. The Observist advises if you have problems, to head to the local UEE Advocacy office instead.[1]

Features a number of the usual stores: CenterMass, Abernathy Interiors, Dumper's Depot, Casaba, et cetera, et cetera.[1]

Significant Characters

  • Tecia Pacheco[2] is` a drug dealer with connections, who resents BlacJac Security. Voiced by Katrina Nare.
  • Lt. Michael Callum of PMC BlacJac Security is the corrupt security rep in charge of Area18 (they are essentially ArcCorp's police). He is BlackJack's local criminal infoagent.[1][3]
  • Clor Vee, a former resident of Spider, Cathcart who likes to emphasise the accent, owns and operates weapons shop Cubby Blast.[1][3]
  • Lev Cronenberg, co-owner of G-Loc Bar is a hard-drinkin' jolly old veteran of the Vanduul and Xi'an theaters who's enjoying the hell out of his retirement.[1][3]
  • Twitch is a criminal info-agent mercenary who suffered nerve damage (hence the name). She lurks around, making deals and introducing people. She is fascinated by the connections of people.[3]. Note, Twitch may now be Tecia.


Area18 was added in patch 2.0 as a separated menu and is the only place were player could buy clothing and wear it. After 3.0 the Area18 menu was removed and now is impossible to access the city and all it stores are moved to Port Olisar instead. Is predicted to return in patch 3.4.