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LanguageEnglish (Mostly)
CommitmentReal Life First
FocusCombat Medical Rescue, Security
LeadersSquazio, KodiacStorm, MeowMillie, Hotism, BreakMyLegsHarderDaddy72, Brandon_Heat, Skorath, Sqeaky
FoundedJune 2952
Discord ServerMedReapers Discord

When you need help and your team is down call us. We will extract you from bunkers, derelict ships, PvP situations, or any other tough spot. We are combat medics; we can help.

Getting Rescued

Hop into the MedReapers Discord and go to #call-for-help and click the "Help" button. Should you have any issue with that just ask for help in a public channel. We will ask a few questions and come to rescue you. We will rescue you regardless of in game profession, including criminal and PvP rescues.

Expect to see the black and red roll in soon. Be sure to tell your Medreaper contact if anyone else is present that we shouldn't shoot. We have a "shoot first, ask questions later" policy when it comes to securing the client's location.


If you want to venture into unknown danger and rescue others, sometimes in active gunfights, the life of a combat medic may be for you. Come to our Discord and ask about joining the MedReapers. We are open to everyone who can be tolerant of other players, and there are no ship requirements for entry.

If want to try it but are worried for any reason, just know The MedReapers Want You!. We will help with medical, security, and flight training as needed.

About the MedReapers

After splitting of from the Fuel Rats in 2952 we sought to focus on other ways find action and help people. Combat Medicine in the Stanton system offered this.


  1. Eliminate all obstacles that get in our way to the client. Shoot first ask questions later.
  2. Do everything in our power to recover and extract the client.
  3. Will not refuse a contract, as long as you can pay.
  4. We offer services to anyone, military, criminal or civilian.
  5. Contracts are accepted as a “First come, First served” service.
  6. Our team’s safety comes second. Our client’s life is more important than ours.
  7. We have expertise in all careers legal and/or illegal.


We wear black with red arms. This is optional for most activities including rescues, practicality comes before appearance.

Further Reading

See for more information about us including other ways to contact us. See MedReapers RSI page for details linked in game like member list and spectrum links.

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