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The universe is a dangerous place, and characters on the brink of death will always seek medical care. Medical game play was further detailed and introduced in Alpha Patch 3.2.0 and is one of the several non-combat oriented careers in Star Citizen. It involves new missions given by either NPC or fellow players, including ships, items, and a new opportunities.

Medical Missions

In able to fully accomplish a mission, you will require a medical ship, or a ship with a medbay of some sort, and to actually accept the mission. There are three types of medical missions given by both NPCs and players:

  • Medical Delivery: Deliver medical supplies, organs, samples, and more. Naturally, this can be done with any ship with cargo capabilities, but a medical ship has the facilities to keep organic and medical cargo maintained for longer.
  • Recovery: Find injured people and heal them, or identify bodies and parts to help put together clues and uncover a wider story.
  • Rescue: Go to a space station or heavily damaged ship to rescue people in an emergency situation. Survivors may have a variety of injuries, so while any ship with a seat can potentially fulfill the role, keeping patients alive for the return journey is where medical ships have an edge.

Medical pilots can also take a "Search-and-rescue" role in providing medical services by navigating their ships into dangerous locations to seek out, retrieve, and stabilize wounded crew. Such medical ships may be found scouring large and small battlefields involving massive fleets or capital ships to save ejected crew or stranded crew. Including pulling scientists out of a destabilized space station before they die of radiation, poisoning or other potential dangers.

Medical Ships

There are many ships that specialize in medical operations and missions, such as the Apollo and Cutlass. Some are designed for small missions involving search and rescue and other small missions, but there are/will be other ships meant for large scale medical operations such as operating as a hospital and respawn point, such as the Endeavor.

Limb Damage

Limb damage ranging from Normal to Ruined

Unlike other games, your character does not take damage at an overall level. Instead, your character will receive damage for parts of the body that was hurt. These areas of the body that can get affected are the:

  • Head
  • Torso
  • Right Upper Arm
  • Right Lower Arm
  • Left Upper Arm
  • Left Lower Arm
  • Right Upper Leg
  • Right Lower Leg
  • Left Upper Leg
  • Left Lower Leg

Limb damage is measured as a percentage, with Normal being a limb at 90% or greater, Hurt is between 90% and 50%, Damaged is 50% to 1% and Ruined is 0%. Limbs will transition between the three states of damage based on the amount of health the limb has remaining. Modifiers, such as armor or atmosphere, also impact the base health numbers.

  • Normal: You are fit and ready to fight!
  • Hurt: Hurt limbs can cause problems with aiming, walking, or other functions that would require that limb. Limbs can get hurt from being too close to an electric spark, flame, outer explosion, or being hit with objects in the environment. Light Armored players can quickly be damaged and cause body damage.
  • Damaged: This is the state right after the hurt phase, where the pain is so severe to the player, that no matter what limb is damaged, they will have a hard time being mobile. If one of their legs are damaged, they fall to the ground and crawl. Damaged limbs are useless and the player cannot use them unless they get them patched up in the field or taken to a mobile trauma system.
  • Ruined: This phase in limb damage essentially means that your limbs are gone and the player will most likely bleed out at this state. This is usually something as bad as your arm being blown off. If the ruined limb is an arm then you will not be able to aim any weapons that require it. Its best to say that you need to focus on getting to a hospital.


Curelife Medipen: Used for field injuries and healing

There will be two types of ways for players to heal; through field tech and intensive systems that can only be provided by medbays or medstations, which can be found in certain medical ships. In short, if you are in a combat area, you cannot be healed to your full capacity. When seriously injured, you must take your character through the process of proper recovery. Field tech are gadgets that can be carried by players or NPC's that are capable of providing temporary healing for a variety of wounds. The Med-Pen can be useful for healing and helping players with hurt limbs or some damage to heal up using it's "nanites" that have multi-purpose healing abilities. Intensive systems are capable of handling much more serious wounds, they are full-size medical immersion chambers, outfitted with technology to rebuild tissue, replace blood and perform other operations through advanced 3d printing technology.


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