ORG:Naja Echó

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Naja Echó
LanguageEnglish, yufu zuBanu
FocusLogistics, Fleet Services, Security, Exploration
TimezoneEastern Time / Central Time
LeadersBurzz, DexSight, Seb_Sky
FoundedJanuary 2952
Discord Server

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Naja Echó

Naja Echó is a group of individuals who either grew up within Banu society or have worked closely with them for many years. As a result, much of the Banu culture and influence can be seen not only in how the organization operates, but in the members as well.

Mission Statement

Naja Echó's mission is to provide all citizens of the ‘Verse with logistical support regardless of their preferred methods of operation, affiliations or criminal status. From transportation to fleet services or even base building we help our clients with the things they need to keep their organization moving. So long as the credits are good of course.

No Judgement and Complete Discretion

We don’t concern ourselves with your affiliation or status within the UEE, nor do we care what you’re using our services for. So long as the credits are good and you honor the contract then we don’t have a problem.

Naja Echó's Structure

Essosouli ( Banu: Essosouli; )

The Essosouli ( Banu: Essosouli; ) is the leader of the Souli ( Banu: souli; ) and comparable to the CEO or Legatus roles you’d find within UEE organizations. While they rely heavily on their advisors when making decisions about the Souli ( Banu: souli; ) the Essosouli ( Banu: Essosouli; ) will always have final say.


Directors are the Essosouli's ( Banu: Essosouli; ) second in command. They manage specific operations within the Souli ( Banu: souli; ) such as trading, security or exploration and are expected to keep up to date with any changes in their respective fields. They offer advice on policy decisions and help guide the overall direction of the Souli ( Banu: souli; ).

uFamyæ ( Banu: uFamyæ; )

uFamyæ ( Banu: uFamyæ; ) have demonstrated not only loyalty to the Souli ( Banu: souli; ) but also a clear understanding of our core principles. They represent the Souli ( Banu: souli; ) well in their interactions with the rest of the ‘Verse.

Usouli ( Banu: usouli; )

Once someone has completed their initial recruitment period they become an usouli ( Banu: usouli; ) and are given access to more resources within the Souli ( Banu: souli; ) as well as more responsibility.


Recruits are new members of the Souli ( Banu: souli; ) and must complete a 60 day trial period before they are permitted to become usouli ( Banu: usouli; ). During this trial period the recruit must remain active within the Souli ( Banu: souli; ), participating in discussions and events where appropriate.

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