Banu language

Family of languages originating with and spoken by the Banu

The Banu language refers to a family of languages originating with and spoken by the Banu. Though all Banu share the same writing system, they speak many dialects, some of which are not mutually intelligible. Xenolinguists believe that this is partially due to their lack of both a central homeworld and a centralized government with the Banu Protectorate. The Banu have no formal name for their languages; instead, one who speaks Banu would say they "speak like Banu-folk" (SRB: yufu zuBanu or yufu zo uBanu; Ochoa: yufu zubanu or yufu zo ubanu).[1]


It is one of several alien languages created for Star Citizen by conlang artist Britton Watkins and the Cloud Imperium Games writing team. The first guide to the language was posted to the RSI website on November 23, 2019, making it the second full alien language to be released.[2]

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