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Spectrum IDSYNCH
HeadquartersPrime, Terra, Terra
Leadersw4rb0t, AsschenSukar, CAD_Master, Connacht007, Gyun, HyperionVI, TwitchyVirus, Victor, xTodmanx, Zeabz
Founded2947 CE; 7 years ago (2947)
Discord ServerSYNCH Discord

De Cosmos Et Terra – Synchronized We Rise

Synchronizerz is a Star Citizen organization and community of gamers unified together through shared values and common goals of teamwork, the pursuit of excellence, and respect for others. Every member of Synchronizerz is valuable because through our individual efforts to be the best everyone can achieve even greater success and enjoyment. This is our mandate. This is your call.

Organization Manifesto

This is your Virtual Life. Do with it, what makes you happy.
Define what success means to you, and then go get it.
Explore. Discover. Conquer. Make your Galactic Fortune. Be your own hero.
Live. Laugh. Enjoy every last minute of your time in the Verse.
If you don’t enjoy it, stop what you are doing. Sell your ship.
Trust your instincts. Buy one that lets you find a new path to enjoyment.
Follow your passion. It knows where to lead you, and what you need to accomplish.
Most people never achieve a fraction of what they are meant to do. 
You are capable of so much more than you are aware of.
We will do everything we can to help you realize your potential.
The Verse is vast and full of wondrous things. Open your mind to new experiences.
Discover new friends within the Organization.
Share your Star Citizen dreams and passions to inspire each other.
Travel the Verse together…often…and share the wonders you have seen with others.
Be here for the Organization, and we will be here for you.
If you are lost, we will find you. If you are attacked, we will defend you.
When you are in over your head, we will pull you up.
If you need help, we will be there to lend a hand.
Life is about what you, and those you associate with, create in this world, and the Verse.
We are global organization, a Galactic Brotherhood.
We are a united despite our individualities, Synchronized, towards a common goal.
We are the Synchronizerz, and this is our Manifesto.[1]

Organization History

Synchronizerz was founded in June, 2016 as a global organization from all countries and time zones.

Our goal is to achieve something that can not be done in real life: No matter which nationality, religion, political interest or gender – we work together as a big tight-knit team with one objective: providing everything our members need to succeed from within the organization itself. No one needs to go out in the cold, darkness of the 'verse alone and unprotected. With Synchronizerz, you have a reliable home base of trusted people working together on a great project. We have your back.

So we aren't a group of random people. We integrate new members, get to know each other personally and most of all, we play together as an org. We focus on the individual skills of members without picking on weaknesses, we are all here to enjoy our spare time. We also focus on the fact, that bringing together individual skills will make us stronger as a whole and everyone here will benefit from this. The ambition and effort our people put in to this organization is overwhelming.

Organization Policy

Synchronizerz is active in ALL aspects of the Star Citizen Universe except player piracy.

We strictly condemn griefing and unprovoked violence in game and more importantly, in real life. Breaking this policy can be grounds for dismissal pending a Committee review. This does not include in-game "roleplay supported" or "contract supported" criminal activities that are being and/or will be expanded upon in the Persistent Universe. Given the ever-expanding reputation system and how certain elements might benefit our members and organization, we will not deny these opportunities for adventure and fun - as long as the lines of griefing, trolling, and "douche baggery" are not crossed.

Everyone in this organization can play a leading role or enjoy more casual play in support of our mission and members. Every member is encouraged to help us provide an ever-expanding and improving list of event offerings. As the game expands and stabilizes, so will the benefit our regular events that engage and inspire our members. Have an idea, take the lead! You will never have to fight alone in the 'verse again! As a global org we are active 24/7. You will not be helpless as you dogfight, mine, explore, race, or make a cargo run.

No matter your motivations, be it a drive for success, or a desire for socializing, you will find a home here.

Code of Conduct

Synchronizerz members are expected to maintain a certain level of conduct in regard to their interactions in the ‘verse and on our platforms. You are to abide by these principles:

  1. Be respectful toward other people and their ideas/opinions
  2. No discrimination of any kind
  3. No trolling or griefing in any shape or form
  4. No sharing of explicit content (pornography, violence, etc.)
  5. Respect people’s weaknesses, focus on strengths, help one another improve
  6. People will disagree, but do not engage in abusive and salty discussions
  7. Stay polite and positive after combat – win or lose
  8. Be mature. Be professional. Be humble. Resolve issues. Teamwork!

Organization Structure

Our organization is active in ALL aspects of the Star Citizen universe! Therefore we've developed a wide spread structure where members are encouraged to specialize in specific roles and are able to make their way in the leadership ranks.

Office of the Chairman

SynchronizerZ Chairman Logo Dark.png

The office of the Chairman consists of the following two entities:

  • Chairman of the Committee and Founder of Synchronizerz: w4rb0t. Along with taking part in the Committee's day-to-day tasks, presides over the Committee's agenda and functions as the highest authority in times of crisis.
  • Vice-Chairman: Victor. Acts as the chairman if Chairman is unavailable, otherwise acts as a Committee member.
  • Committee Director: HyperionVI - Acts as vice-chairman if Vice-Chairman is unavailable, otherwise acts as a Committee member.


SynchronizerZ Committee.png

The committee consists of the following two entities:

  • Committee Members:
    • Asschen-Sukar - Head of the Delegacy Dept.
    • Connacht007 - Head of Military Dept.
    • TwitchyVirus - Head of Business & Logistics Dept.
    • CAD_Master and Zeabz - Heads of Science & Exploration Dept.
    • Victor - Head of Treasury Department.
    • Gyun - Head of Public Relations Department.
  • Committee Secretary: xtodmanx. The task of the secretary is to assist the Committee where needed and to take part in the conversation. Even though the secretary has no vote, the Committee would break under pressure of having no coffee. The secretary handles the link between the Committee & the rest of the org, is responsible for nurturing the family like atmosphere in the org, and helps organize meetings & ideas from various sources to bring them to fruition.

Delegacy Department

Synch Delegacy Department.png

Our Delegacy Department maintains and supports the outstanding family-like atmosphere in this organization by supporting the communication between members and leadership as well as to deal with external conflicts and cater our alliance partners. We are a family and work together as one. Members will only succeed with leaders. Leaders will only succeed with members and their efforts are essential to growth and wealth. Diplomats, ambassadors and senate delegates are here to maintain positive communication and ethical principles. De Cosmo Et Terra!

Military Department


The tip of the Spear. The Military Department is the Synchronizerz PMC, comprised of Fleet, Marine, Shadow Force, and Nemesis Divisions. In addition to military focused, contract missions that promise high adventure, we lead the way for other Departments, into high-risk zones of space, including Vanduul Space. In addition, we're responsible for Recon, Bounty Hunting, Assassination, Escort, and Surgical Precision Strikes against high value targets. Among our ranks have been top competitors in Star Marine and Arena Commander. De Cosmo Et Terra!

Business & Logistics Department

SynchronizerZ Business & Logistics Department.png

The success of the Synchronizerz business empire starts at the core of the Business & Logistics Department. With large corporations from transport to manufacturing, the Business Department has numerous duties and opportunities including mining, farming, and shipping. The Business and Logistics Department works together with the Synchronizerz Treasury to maintain and expand the economic might and influence of the Organization. De Cosmo Et Terra!

Science & Exploration Department

SynchronizerZ Science & Exploration Department.png

Within the numerous secret locations the universe offers, the Synchronizerz Science & Exploration Department is hard at work revolutionizing the science realm with new innovative technologies being discovered by our elite science team at our confidential locations. Our teams are working on things from weapon designs to health and will allow the organization to stay ahead of the competition for the years to come and to supply implants and healthcare. Our Exploration team is highly specialized in giving recon of the unknown. De Cosmo Et Terra!

Treasury Department

SynchronizerZ Treasury Department.png

The centerpiece of the Synchronizerz economic might, under the direct control of the Office of the Chairmanship, the Synchronizerz Treasury manages all liquid UEC funds and how it is distributed within the organization. It controls the fiscal policy of the organization and imposes taxes or funds projects based on the situation. With access to the funds of the Synchronizerz Treasury, the organization will be able to create an economic empire unlike anything anyone has ever seen within the universe. De Cosmo Et Terra!

Public Relations Department

SynchronizerZ Public Relations Department.png

This Department manages all external appearances such as content creation, streaming, videos, merchandise, recruiting, social media marketing, web design, Discord systems, logos and emblems. Thanks to our members' efforts, our great org videos have been featured by CIG and they continue to showcase our mission and values. We are always looking to improve and capture those moments in the Universe, Star Marine, Squadron Battle, Racing and (Theaters of War...) whatever comes next. Besides that, any logo, video and intro are self-made, and we seek members who wish to record and stream live regularly. De Cosmo Et Terra!

... and most importantly!


Synch Dark Logo.png

Our identity, our assets, our motivation, and the essence of everything we do is enhanced by the talent and determination of each Synchronizer who makes up this organizations. We focus on our strengths, help each other overcome our weaknesses, and succeed - together. Our greatest strength is the fantastic people who love Star Citizen, enjoying gaming together, and make this community what it is today and can be tomorrow.


Organization Recruitment

Synchronizerz are currently recruiting globally! We have a very simplified application process which consists of you submitting and application on our website [Apply Here!]. As part of that application you will be directed to join our RSI organization and our Discord server. You will then by contacted by a Recruiting Officer, undergo a brief induction, enter into a Trial for Membership to earn full membership. You can join us in the 'verse for your next adventure!

Synchronizerz is also accepting Affiliate Memberships; however, this is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Committee.

Organization Recognition

With over 2,200 members strong, SYNCH has gained a positive recognition and a professional reputation around the 'verse with our actions. Below follows a small list of such events.

Synchronizerz StreamTeam

Strategic Alliance of Independents

SYNCH is a founding member of SAI.

SAI Logo.png

SAI is a strategic alliance of independent orgs. The basic intention of SAI is to be a platform of organizations to support each other in times of trouble and if an org has a demand which they can not cover from within by themselves. The basic pillars that SAI was founded upon were trust, support, and independence. This Alliance does not have any power or influence on other orgs' internal structure, chain of command, intention or philosophy, enforcing only basic rules. With SAI we also give a platform for trusted orgs and thousands of citizens to trade with and operate together in the 'verse.

Kraken Alliance

SYNCH is a leading member of Kraken Alliance


Alliance "KRAKEN" is an association of friendly corporations with a common military policy and territory (the territory is divided into corporations of participants) in the 'verse!


  1. Synchronizerz Manifesto,

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