Odin III

Chthonian Planet in the Odin system
Odin III.png
Odin III
ClassificationChthonian Planet
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Odin system
└─ Orbiting Odin (star)

The second planet in the Odin system, Odin III (natives are notoriously insistent that the Coil still be considered the first planet, to the point of influencing official star charts) is another insignificant, dead world. Although weapons testing is officially forbidden here, the surface of the planet has still been burnt to a cinder and irradiated beyond recognition. A famous photograph of the planet taken from orbit and used during the abandoned ecological campaign shows a massive, glowing delta-shaped blast impact cutting directly into the surface. Military sources formally deny that a weapon capable of causing such damage to a planet's crust exists.[1]

Artificial Satellites

Fortunes Cross

Comms Relay



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