Odin system

Single star system with 3 planets.
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Odin system
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Odin system
Single Star
21 AU
Star type
White Dwarf-Degenerate-A
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The Odin system was first discovered in 2532 as one of the first star systems reached during humanity's initial extrasolar expansion. Some time in the past, the system was home to multiple vibrant ecosystems similar to Earth or Terra. However, when Odin's star entered its red giant phase, its expansion enveloped the system’s first planet and quickly boiled off the biospheres of the others, killing all native life, before the star collapsed into a white dwarf. When Earth's first explorers jumped to Odin, they found a system of icy rock worlds with uniformly foreboding exteriors.

With no strong terraforming candidates, the system was dedicated to industrial development. Various mining outposts and refineries were established throughout Odin to take advantage of what resources could be found. However, as easily harvestable materials dwindled, Odin’s economy slowed to a crawl and businesses left the system, allowing criminal elements to move in to take their place.

Odin most recently became a cause celebre of the scientific community when a group of noted archeologists revealed that the government was allowing companies like Behring to wipe clean an otherwise well-preserved fossil record that could tell the story of the life that came to evolve in the Odin system. While a grassroots Save The Fossils movement initially gained some traction in popular culture, interest soon faded.[1]

Today, the Odin system is seen as an unsavory place on the decline. Only a few settlements populate Odin's planets and moons, but the system still holds appeal for some due to the valuable minerals that can be found in The Coil—the remains of Odin's first planet that hide the system's largest source of untapped resources—for those who choose to brave the constant electromagnetic storms and well-armed pirates lurking within.

Gravitational governors


Odin is a White Dwarf Degenerate-A star.

Asteroid clusters

The Coil: Odin I

This asteroid cluster is the remains of the first planet in the system, thought to have been destroyed by a catastrophic collision. Known as The Coil, it is beset with constant electrical storms. Although mining is strongly discouraged due to the environmental hazards and roaming outlaw packs that have been known to hide in the area, miners continue to try their luck at extracting the valuable minerals from the cluster. Many points of interest can be found here in 2945 including Archon Base and Aciedo Station. Odin I's former moon Gainey is also a prominent system location.


Odin II

Odin II is a mostly uninhabited world that houses isolated testing facilities for scientists and various corporations who use the desolate surface to conduct more dangerous operations. Its moon Vili serves as a waypoint for those working on Odin II.[2]

Odin III

A small, dead planet. It's believed that Odin III's surface may contain a fossil record that could reveal secrets of Odin's past inhabitants.

Odin IV

Odin IV is a hydrogen-rich gas giant that is home to several fuel refineries.

Known jump points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Odin - Nyx Large Nyx system
Odin - Kellog Large Kellog system
Odin - Tanga Medium Tanga system



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