Opera Mushroom (flair)

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Quick facts:
Opera Mushroom (flair)
Opera Mushroom
Retroactive Price
November 2946 (2016)
Surface S1, Plant Shelf

Space Plant: Pleurotus Cornusymphonia aka Opera Mushroom

Origin: Reisse, Rhetor

Average Lifespan: 1-2 SEY

The Space Plant Collection features exotic plants found throughout the galaxy, from strange and unusual specimen to alien specifies or commonly found greeneries. This Opera Mushroom is the sixth item in our Space Plant series! Created by a team of genetic researchers at the University of Rhetor, the opera mushroom is unique in the fungus genus for the various audible tones that it produces. The hollow central chamber of the cap acts as a reverberation chamber amplifying the sounds caused by it's unique cell structure stretching and compressing as water moves through its mycelium.[1]


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