Universities of the Rhetor system

Institutions in the UEE's premier system for higher education
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Reisse, in the Rhetor system

Rhetor is home to several of the most prestigious Universities of the UEE, and represents a system dedicated primarily to higher education. It was discovered in 2287, making it the second extrasolar system to be visited after Croshaw, and the first system known two jumps away from the Sol system. The Croshaw - Rhetor Jump Point was discovered by students from Martian Institute of Space and Technology. The school's then-president Adrianne Zemlock , a critic of the way that Croshaw had been colonised by corporate interests, ransomed the Jump Point location to the government in return for a quarter of the habitable or terraformed land being set aside for educational purposes.[1][2]

Rhetor is also home to Rhetor University Press, a publishing company that in 2935 published Dr. Flower Raith's Humanity Verses the Universe.[3] It is not clear if the press is associated with a specific institution.

Universities on Persei (Rhetor II)

Persei is home to much of the mineral wealth of the system, and an Elite Naval Guard garrison. Institutions on Persei are often engaged in classified governmental research, resulting in access being more restricted than most planets.[1]

University of Persei

The University of Persei is a collegiate research university made up of several semi-independent colleges and institutes, including the famed Analytical Research and Quantification centre (UPARQ). It is the oldest University in the Rhetor system.[4]

University of Persei Analytical Research and Quantification

The University of Persei Analytical Research and Quantification (UPARQ), based on Persei, is one of the most influential think tanks in the UEE. Much of the new technological advancement for the UEE is thought to originate here. Some of this government work is classified but energy-efficient quantum drives and improved thermal-resistant spacesuit fabric are believed to have originated there.[1]

UPARQ Alumni and Faculty

Other Institutions on Persei

Founders of Caldera, Layth Brentano and Tetsuuya Lang, were provided with a research lab on Persei after graduation from the University of Rhetor. This lab was close to a Department of the Interior laboratory, where they met Akili Harris who is credited with inspiring the development of the Novikov "Expo" Armor and Pembroke Armor.[11] Attempts to weaponise terraforming technology were conducted in a laboratory on Persei, under the codename Project Vespa.[7][12] It is unclear whether these laboratories and institutions were associated with UPARQ or the University of Persei.

Universities on Reisse (Rhetor III)

Reisse has a reputation as a hotbed of progressive activism, and as the higher education destination of choice for people who wish to have a more sociable and party-filled University experience.[1]

Carey University

Brian Ramsey, a chemist and researcher at Carey University, was credited as in expert in Maze rehabilitation and treating the 'disconnection' found in its users. He alleged that his former research partner Eva Anwar stole Maze for use in unregulated human experimentation.[13] This was later confirmed by the Advocacy.[14]

Other sources place Carey University in the town of Reis, on Lago in the Nexus system,[15] where a Messer Scholar assisted Apocalypse Arms founder Dalton Colabello in tracking prototype weapons that would lead to his founding of the company.[15]

Carey University Alumni and Faculty

University of Rhetor

Smuggler Rose Bryer sporting a University of Rhetor hoodie

The University of Rhetor, founded in 2389 by a group of scholars who left the University of Persei due to a dispute over low salaries for adjunct professors, now offers a diverse range of subjects.[17] In Humanities, the University houses archives documenting the history of the North American Alliance,[18] and each year, eight students at the University of Rhetor receive the Ingstrom Fellowship for their work in the field of xenoarchaeology.[19] In the field of Life Sciences, genetic researchers at the University of Rhetor created the Opera Mushroom, Pleurotus cornusymphonia, and the first Xiphopods discovered on Leir I were brought to the University for study.[20] The University also trains engineers,[19][21] has a paleontology department,[22] as well as having a division of Geology:[23] Rhetor researchers used krypton-81 dating to find the age of the glaciers of Helios IV.[24]

University of Rhetor Alumni and Faculty

Universities on Mentor (Rhetor IV)

Universities on the cold, boreal planet of Mentor are highly rated, and students are considered overall more studious than those on Reisse.[1]

University of Mentor

The University of Mentor (UM) is a public research university on Mentor (Rhetor IV). Established shortly after the planet was terraformed, it is the oldest and largest institute of higher learning on Mentor. Its physical sciences and history programs are highly competitive, with 5 to 10% admissions rates for new students. UM’s reputation for rigorous, demanding study coupled with Mentor’s frigid environment may factor into the school’s relatively high dropout rate. The University of Mentor is responsible for maintenance and research efforts connected with the UEE's universal seed vaults.[29]

In the late 27th century, a study conducted by the University of Mentor showed that on average, Ergo's residents lived longer than residents of other worlds.[30]

University of Mentor Alumni and Faculty

Scaliger School of Medicine

The Scaliger School of Medicine was attended by BiotiCorp founders, Ted Santos and Diyo Nikolas, who met as doctoral students. Their collaboration began in a lab named 'Decon' for its overly sensitive decontamination system. The School later invested in their private venture.[35] While the School is located on Mentor[2], BiotiCorp is now headquartered on Reisse[35].

Alumni and Faculty of Unknown Schools

The following individuals are known to have attended or worked for Universities in Rhetor, but their specific alma maters are not known:

  • Max Usu, legal professor specialising in inter-empire law with a focus on the Xi’An culture, who commented on the Jenk Gallen case.[36]
  • Russel Valem, triple doctorate by age 24, inventor of the CHARIOT-engine prototype. Killed by his own invention in 2884, after the engine failed and exploded at the starting pad.[37]


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