Ophelia Vine (flair)

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Ophelia Vine
ObtainmentCenturion or Imperator Subscription
Retroactive Price$5.00
ReleasedJuly 2946 (2016)
AttachmentSurface S1, Plant Shelf

Origin: Min 1b

Average Lifespan: 1–2 years

The Space Plant Collection features exotic plants found throughout the galaxy, from strange and unusual specimen to alien specifies or commonly found greeneries. This glowing vine is the fourth item in our Space Plant series! Similar to how the plant's fictional namesake drowned in the ancient Earth play Hamlet, the bioluminescent Ophelia vine is submerged regularly by the tide that rises over the brackish sands it grows upon. The plants bright radiance is owing to the high quantity of luciferin it naturally absorbs from the heavy bacteria content found in its homemoon's oceans.[1]


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