Ophion Inc

Human company in the geo-development, terraforming industry
Ophion, Inc.
IndustryGeo-development, terraforming
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
FounderEurynome Rhodes
Founded2501 CE; 453 years ago (2501)
FateBankrupt, defunct
Defunct2567 CE; 387 years ago (2567)

Ophion Inc. was a human geo-development and terraforming company that was founded in 2501 by Eurynome Rhodes. Ophion, Inc. started out as a well-regarded company due to its conscientious business practices and high rates of pay. Unfortunately, the inheritance of the company by Savion Guerra-Rhodes, son of founder Eurynome Rhodes, was preceded by a string of cost saving measures that caused the company's product quality and employee satisfaction to fall sharply. In response to this, Savion used the last of Ophion, Inc.'s funds to purchase the terraforming rights to Taranis II and its moon.

During a test of new terraforming technology on Taranis II's moon, a catastrophic accident occurred which resulted in the destruction of the moon and subsequent closing of Ophion, Inc. from public fallout.[1]


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