Broken Moon

Moon in the Taranis system
Broken Moon : Taranis 2a
LocationUnclaimed space
Taranis system
└─ Orbiting Taranis II

Taranis 2a is a (former) moon of Taranis II. Its remains are known as "Broken Moon", the result of a terraforming disaster during the Messer Era.


With Gold Horizon spearheading a terraforming golden age in the 2560s, the cheap geo development outfit Ophion Inc also jumped on the bandwagon. They decided that Taranis II would be the ideal place to test an experimental terraforming technique involving harnessing the energy of its orbiting moon. A combination of substandard parts, near-slave-labor and dubious science result in Ophion managing to crack the mantle of the moon, splitting it into a million dangerous chunks. In addition to a deadly debris field that will continue to strike the planet for hundreds of years, the event super-ignited the terraforming machinery in orbit. Several of the stacks continue to burn unabated up until the present day, further rendering the surface of the planet worthless slag.[1]

In Media

The Broken Moon is also the site and name of a map available for Arena Commander.

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