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Kingdom Animal
Family Hominid (similar)
Sentient? Developing
Founded Civilization circa 2840
Habitat Xis
Status Prosperous
Discovered In 2811
Discovered By Patek Coen

The Orms (Sng. Orm) are a sentient species living on Xis' northern polar region.


Orms use primitive stone age tools and developed a "more complex social interaction scheme" in the last 100 years.[1]

They are monitored from OB Station Pegasus, staffed by researchers and military personnel.

Orms are protected by the Fair Chance Act. However, the ability to prevent every intruder from landing on Xis is limited, and given the planet's rampant black market, the FCA once again doesn't quite reflect reality.[1]

Orms were poached in the 29th century.[2]


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