Patek Coen

Character in Star Citizen
Patek Coen
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2786
Died 2867
Role Navjumper, writer
Citizenship Status Kampos (Ellis IV)

Patek Coen is best known for his discovery of the Kellog system in 2811. Coen became interested in NavJumping after reading a biography on Antoine Lebec. This set him down a path of taking private training courses in navigation and detection, and of achieving his life goal of living in a system he discovered himself.

However, after a decade of searching, the only system Coen would go on to discover was that of Kellog, a system already inhabited by the Orm. Due to the Orm's presence, Kellog would be placed under the Fair Chance Act crushing any hopes of Coen achieving his dream.

Coen would retire in 2839 after his autobiography A Refuted Dream became a bestseller.

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