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Outer torso clothing

An outerwear is a clothing item that can be worn to the outer torso of a character.

Page Image SubtypeMinimum temperature resistanceMaximum temperature resistanceInventoryManufacturerOccupancyIs item base variant
Placeholderv2.png600i Flight JacketJacket2 °C30 °C2 KµSCU0.002 SCU <br />2,000 µSCU <br />Denim Manufacturing Company8.7 KµSCU0.0087 SCU <br />8,700 µSCU <br />false
Adiva - InGame cutout - Stripe BG SCT logo.jpgAdiva JacketJacket2 °C30 °C1 KµSCU0.001 SCU <br />1,000 µSCU <br />Derion8.7 KµSCU0.0087 SCU <br />8,700 µSCU <br />true
Adiva aqua.pngAdiva Jacket AquaJacket2 °C30 °C1 KµSCU0.001 SCU <br />1,000 µSCU <br />Derion8.7 KµSCU0.0087 SCU <br />8,700 µSCU <br />false
Clothing-Jacket-DRN-Adiva-Black.jpgAdiva Jacket BlackJacket2 °C30 °C1 KµSCU0.001 SCU <br />1,000 µSCU <br />Derion8.7 KµSCU0.0087 SCU <br />8,700 µSCU <br />false
Adiva blue.pngAdiva Jacket BlueJacket2 °C30 °C1 KµSCU0.001 SCU <br />1,000 µSCU <br />Derion8.7 KµSCU0.0087 SCU <br />8,700 µSCU <br />false
Placeholderv2.pngAdiva Jacket Dark GreenJacket2 °C30 °C1 KµSCU0.001 SCU <br />1,000 µSCU <br />Derion8.7 KµSCU0.0087 SCU <br />8,700 µSCU <br />false
Placeholderv2.pngAdiva Jacket Dark RedJacket2 °C30 °C1 KµSCU0.001 SCU <br />1,000 µSCU <br />Derion8.7 KµSCU0.0087 SCU <br />8,700 µSCU <br />false
Adiva green.pngAdiva Jacket GreenJacket2 °C30 °C1 KµSCU0.001 SCU <br />1,000 µSCU <br />Derion8.7 KµSCU0.0087 SCU <br />8,700 µSCU <br />false
Adiva grey.pngAdiva Jacket GreyJacket2 °C30 °C1 KµSCU0.001 SCU <br />1,000 µSCU <br />Derion8.7 KµSCU0.0087 SCU <br />8,700 µSCU <br />false
Clothing-Jacket-DRN-Adiva-Imperial.jpgAdiva Jacket ImperialJacket2 °C30 °C1 KµSCU0.001 SCU <br />1,000 µSCU <br />Derion8.7 KµSCU0.0087 SCU <br />8,700 µSCU <br />false
Placeholderv2.pngAdiva Jacket OliveJacket2 °C30 °C1 KµSCU0.001 SCU <br />1,000 µSCU <br />Derion8.7 KµSCU0.0087 SCU <br />8,700 µSCU <br />false


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