Provide Backup

Mercenary mission from Crusader Security
Provide Backup
Priority General
Type Mercenary
UEC Pay 15000
Start Location Crusader AO
Mission Giver Crusader Security
Req. Crimestat {{{Req. Crimestat}}}
Faction Crusader Security

The legal mission Provide Backup tasks the player to go to a Security Post (Bunker) and help the Crusader Security NPC to clean-up the threatning group of Nine-tails NPC. Once the Security Post is cleaned-up, mission is complete and player has 15 minutes to leave the area. All crew members of a ship/vehicule must have the mission else, there are risks of the defense turret(s) to shot it, as this is usually a restricted area. Harming the Crusader Security NPCs would lead to the failure of the mission for the whole party. There are usually 15 hostiles to clear and NPC will try to help by killing some of them.



Spoiler content

"Crusader Security has learned that SecurityPostName on MoonName is currently threatened by a group of criminals.

While we have security personnel on site, we are looking to hire additional contractors to help them repel any attacks.

Now, as a contractor, I'm not sure how used to working with a team you are, but I don't want to hear anything about "friendly fire" or there's going to be problems."

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