Moon in the Kyuk'ya system
Pue'nu: Kyuk'ya 1a
LocationOrbits Kyuk'ya I
Artificial Satellites1

Pue'nu (Kyuk'ya 1a) is the only natural satellite of Kyuk'ya I and the system's only inhabitated celestial body. Pue’nu shares the same orbit with Kyuk'ya I's planetary ring system. Pue'nu is a hotspot of trading between Banu and Xi'an and has become a popular location for Xi'an 'counterculture' (Yitē’kuit.i).

Artificial Satellites

Pue'nu has a large 'scaffolding array' named Pyen'pui.a which allows an easy transfer of resources from orbit to the base station on the moon's surface.

Starmap Description

In orbit above Kyuk'ya [Indra] I's rings. [sic] This moon has a large scaffolding array specially built to allow large cargo ships to easily unload. The base on the moon's surface than you would expect for a shipping hub due to its emergence as a center for Xi'an youth counterculture activity.[1]


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