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There are several known sentient races in Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

Sentient Races

Name Associated Factions Description
Banu Banu Protectorate
Humanity's first friend amongst the stars, the Banu are a commerce- and trade-focused race with each planet acting as an independent planet-state within the Banu Protectorate. This independence between their worlds is ideal for traders and commercial ventures, but their military and police forces are disorganized and isolated.
Hadesian (extinct) - A race of tall, multi-limbed humanoids in the Hades system. The Hadesians were destroyed in a civil war.
The Outsiders
Sand Nomads
People's Alliance
Humans are the only current playable race and the one which will be interacted with the most. While great steps have been taken since the tension of the Messer Era, many races still act with caution towards humans.
Kr'Thak - The Kr'Thak are an alien race that was once in conflict the Xi’an in the Spirit Wars. Since then, the two have been under a tense ceasefire
Tevarin UEE
Tevarin Sovereignty (disbanded)
A vanishing race, the Tevarin were defeated and absorbed by the United Planets of Earth in a pair of wars (See First & Second Tevarin Wars.). A militaristic race, the Tevarin honored war and combat and had a complex code of honor.
Vanduul Numerous Clans The Vanduul are a nomadic warrior race with a thirst for combat and an aggressive policy of raiding. After 250 years of skirmishes and raids, the Vanduul War began in 2945 between humanity and the Vanduul.
Xi’an Xi’an Empire A species with an extended lifespan, the Xi’an are a calculating, cautious race currently at peace with humans.
Kins II Civilization Unknown Lost civilisation on Kins II. The Banu later settled the planet and found nothing but ruins.
Quasi Civilization Unknown Lost civilisation near Quasi on Terra.

Developing Races

Name Habitat Appears in
Orm Xis - Kellog Sys SC
Osoian Oso II - Oso Sys SC
Phare's Ape Etos - Osiris Sys SC
Unknown (extinct) Garron II - Garron Sys SC
Unknown Genesis II - Genesis Sys SC

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