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Sentient? Yes
Capital Within Krell
Founded 289 BCE (before)
Language Unknown
Religion Unknown
Government Unknown
Ruler Unknown
Currency Unknown
Territories Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Status Prosperous
Diet Unknown

The Kr'Thak ( SRX; Xi'an: 9kr02thak (Proper); ) is a developed, spacefaring alien civilization.


Humans have had no contact with the Kr'Thak. What is known to the UEE about the Kr'Thak comes only from the Xi'an. The Xi'an and Kr'Thak have been enemies for 800 years and for the UEE to try and make contact with their allies' enemy is a difficult political decision still in the works.[1] The Xi'an probably arrested the freelance hauler Jenk Gallen in 2943 for such an attempt.

The Xi'an emperor has been quoted stating the Kr'Thak are an enemy of the Xi'an. The Kr'Thak have a long history of war with the Xi'an. This conflict, known as the Spirit Wars, has lasted 800 years.[2]

Notably, the word Kr'thak does not conform to standard Xi'an pronunciation, implying that it is derived from the species' own language, and not a Xi'an designation.


The Kr'Thak territory shares a border with the Xi'an Empire on the "opposite side" of the UEE controlled-space.[3] Since jump-points are able to form connections and disconnect from other jump-points (as seen in the Oretani-jump point collapse), there is a theoretical chance that a direct jump-point to the Kr'Thak exists somewhere in uncontrolled space or could appear 'out of nowhere'.


The Krell System is home system of the Kr'Thak.


The development the additinal Kr'Thak race was a early Stretch Goal of the original crowdfunding-campaign in 2012.

The Kr'Thak are based on the idea of Eric "Wingman" Peterson.

"My original idea was that they traded in information and could have information in real time through a secret technology so that they would have a shop in the seedy areas of landing zones that let you find out hints and clues of things about to happen and it would allow you to act upon those before the general populace.

Like if a new Asteroid field rich in gold was discovered, you would find out before others and be able to go stake your claim, or if a dignitary was traveling, you would perhaps get an intercept mission.

More of an information trading race that allowed you a time advantage. And they could travel amongst all races freely giving you tidbits about your enemies too....or allowing you to communicate with someone behind enemy lines in real time.

But that was what I was pitching back in the day, I am sure they have something cooler in mind now."

WingMan, RSInotext.svg Kr'thak what do we know about them. (3th June 2016)


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