Character in Star Citizen
Race Vanduul
Born (before 2945)
Role Ace Pilot
Faction Vanduul

Reaper is a Vanduul ace pilot. He was recreated in the Vanduul Swarm Simulation in Arena Commander as an enemy.[1]

"Simply put, one of the most fearsome Vanduul Warriors ever encountered by UEE pilots. Credited to date with a hundred fifty-seven UEE Naval kills, Repear has wielded its Scythe with unprecedented lethality. The official Enemy Pilot Profile for Reaper suggests that pilots should expect an extreme level of proficiency in all aspects of dogfighting. It offers no weaknesses, no vulnerabilities. The most terrifying thing about Reaper? It's still out there. To date, no one has bested this devastating Vanduul ace."
Arena Commander Manual


  1. Arena Commander Manual V11
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