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Refueling is the process by which a ship is provided Hydrogen fuel or Quantum fuel (For maneuvering and Quantum Drives respectively) by a fuel tanker, station, or other fuel source.

Ship-to-ship Refueling

The Starfarer is capable of refueling ships in open space, using a fuel boom and a specialized interface to provide hydrogen and/or quantum fuel. This fuel may be either given for free or sold for an agreed-upon fee.

Refueling Processes

Being refueled

  1. With the refueling ship at your location, target them (Default Key: T) and request to dock (default key N).
    1. At this point, either manually dock by lining up the HUD, or hold the request-to-dock key to do so automatically
  2. Open the mobiGlas, select the Vehicle Maintenance Services app. Select either:
    1. Auto: Fill all available fuel tanks to the top
    2. Manual: Request a specific amount of fuel

Refueling process

  1. Fill your ship's fuel pods at any refueling station like normal by using the Vehicle Maintenance Services app in your mobiGlas
    1. Use Manual mode to allocate fuel into each pod as you need. Note that each pod can only hold one type of fuel
  2. Fly to the requesting players' location, access the console on the bridge behind the pilot's chair, and deploy the boom arm.
  3. Accept the docking request from the requesting player
  4. Set a specific price for each type of fuel (Auto price sets the price at 10% more aUEC than you paid)
  5. To refuel the ship, go to the Pod Management button, select the fuel pod to use and set the fuel rate before toggling the nozzle to Open to begin pumping
    1. Warning: Fueling too fast can risk overflow, damaging the fuel nozzle and/or wasting fuel in space.
  6. Once refueling is complete, close the nozzle or hit Stop on the fuel pod.

To reallocate fuel between pods, use the refueling console on the ship's bridge. To move fuel between pods, press "Pump" on a pod you wish to fill, and "Open" on a pod you wish to empty

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