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Vanguard using its quantum drive

The quantum drive is an engine based on the manipulation of the quantum medium, which allow ships to cross the distances between the bodies of a star system. Currently, ship in quantum will travel at approximately 0.2c, or 20% of the speed of light [1].

Jump Drives

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Most quantum drives are capable of being "upgraded" to allow for the usage of Jump points.


On May 3, 2075, the first self-sustaining quantum drive engine was completed by Dr. Scott Childress along with a team from RSI. It was capable of space travel at 1% of the speed of light. Overnight, the space travel industry was born and spaceflight for civilians became possible[2].

In 2214, RSI released its Poseidon fusion engine, pushing the new speed limit of space travel to 10% of the speed of light, or 18,600 miles per second [3].