Rihlah VI

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Rihlah VI
ClassificationDwarf Planet
LocationOrbits Rihlah (star)

From the surface of Rihlah VI, the system’s distant dwarf worldlet, the light from Rihlah’s star is barely visible. This is not, of course, something the typical traveler would ever experience. Rihlah VI is a lonely world void of atmosphere, resources, landing zones or any interest whatsoever. It is wholly un-noteworthy, save for the persistent spacer rumor that the planet is home to a Xi’An “tripwire” capable of autonomously placing the Empire on a war fitting. The claim, wholly unsubstantiated, goes that the technology is left over from Rihlah’s days as a fortified border system and that the technology remains active, buried in Rihlah VI’s core to this day. No rumor clearly identifies what the tripwire is, with claims ranging from the central computer that controls a massive space network of scanners to some sort of doomsday device capable of destroying the planet and anyone caught investigating it.[1]