Riker Memorial Spaceport

Spaceport in Area18 in the Stanton system
Riker Memorial Spaceport Above.jpg
Riker Memorial Spaceport
LocationStanton system    In Area18

Riker Memorial Spaceport is the main spaceport on ArcCorp (planet) and is located in Area18. It is the hub for leaving and entering Area18. The building has a very unmistakable y-shape when entering the area from orbit. Upwards of 10 landing pads of various sizes are available and ships can be accessed by the ASOP terminals. Transfers between the spaceport and Area18 are supplied by Cityflight Transit with shuttles departing every few minutes.


Riker Memorial Spaceport was named after noted citizen "Seanriker", a member of a German fan community who had passed away in 2018.[1]



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